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AVENE Cleanance Expert

5.0 from 5

Rp. 319,000

  • Customer Reviews
  • Matthew

I have been using Cleanance Expert for half a week now and so far I have not gotten any new spots. It hasn't cleaned up by blackheads yet so I cannot review that. The best part about this spot moisturiser is that I have gotten no irritations from it, which is odd as I have quite sensitivity skin. Also the fact that it mattifies the skin nicely. Very good!

  • Filly

Jerawat breakout di mukaku parah banget krn krim abal2. Akhirnya disaranin dokter dari JPP pake pelembab dari Cleanance Expert. Terbuat dari water based, bebas parfum + parabene itu yg bikin produk ini aman buat kulit merah n iritasi.

  • Katherine

Really pleased with this product leaves my oily acne prone skin soft and shine free for most of the day which is a bonus for me as other moisturisers I've used for oily skin were still to rich my skin was shiny and oily in a couple of hrs and it's really help clear up my skin of stubborn spots in such a short time great product.

  • Stefan

Sempat kecewa dengan beberapa moisturizer yang menambah jerawat. Namun produk ini udah jadi penyelamat kulit aku yang gak karuan banget jerawatnya. Hasil di kulit matt gak berminyak, jadinya tuh aku bisa pakai make up setelahnya.