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AVENE Micellar Lotion 200ml

4.5 from 5

A gentle no-rinse cleanser and make-up remover specifically formulated for normal to combination skin.

Rp. 237,000

  • Customer Reviews
  • Jerricca

I received this in a subscription box. I have never heard of Avene before today.... I just used this for the first time tonight to take my makeup off and OMG I LOVE IT!!! It's so hydrating and dissolves the makeup so easily. It feels so clean and just ugh I will be buying this from now on!!! Beautyfix <3 Avene Thank you for this amazing product!!!!

  • Maria

Udah gak perlu ribet lagi untuk bersihin wajah di malam hari, apalagi udah capek dan ngantuk. Cukup pake produk ini, langsung bersih tanpa harus cuci wajah pakai sabun … love it