JPP Skin Laser Clinic is a specialist laser treatment clinic that promotes Pure Natural Beauty. The treatment gives you a healthier, radiant, and even skin's tone.

Pure Natural Beauty

The Treatment

Laser & Light Skin Rejuvenation

As we age, collagen breaks down, causing lines and wrinkles. Sun exposure damages collagen too and can cause pigment problems (brown spots), uneven tone and rought or leathery texture.

JPP laser treatement helps to remove dirt, bacteria and fine dust particles on your skin surface and pores. Through the PhotoAcoustic energy, the laser would remove the dark melanin, clear the pores without leaving marks or skin peeling. The treatment would stimulate collagen building, tighten your skin and minimize the fine line on your skin surface.

The result, your skin would have even tone, brighter and radient. A pure natural beauty.

All JPP aesthetic doctors have gone through extensive laser training and has certified qualified class 4 laser.


Performed by qualified and accredited doctor on laser procedures.

2 in 1 Procedure

JPP laser and light is formulated to provide you the immediate and noticeable result.

Non Invasive

JPP uses non-ablative laser (Q-switched Nd:YAG). The laser treatments using PhotoAcoustic energy which are quick, no discomfort, and effectively stimulating long-term collagen remodelling.

No Downtime

There would be no downtime. You can apply your facial cosmetics and be back to your activities right after the treatment.


10-15 minutes of laser and light treatment

No Burning to Skin Surface

JPP non-ablative laser does not burn and damage your skin surface. You may experience moderate redness, which usually fades within 15-20 minutes after the treatment.

Clinic List
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Galaxy Mall 031 591 5175 Everyday 10am - 10pm

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